Bici Academy is back. The meeting dedicated to traders of the cycle sector in Italy. Two days of workshops and seminars will take place for the bike shop owner who wants to keep up with times, taking advantage of the current transformations at Rimini Palacongressi on 13 and 14 January.

An opportunity to share all the news and tools to ride the wave of change, concentrating on the store and its integration with digital.

This year we will focus on an interactive participation with some novelty, members will be given a self-assessment tool to clearly outline the current situation of their store and how to improve it.

We will be present on both days. On Sunday, 13 January our General Manager, Davide Cavalieri, will participate during the Plenary “What can we do for the store of the future?”, together with Piero Nigrelli, Confindustria Cycle Industry Director ANCMA, with a speech on “Territorial marketing of the bike shop and shop case history”. The objective will be to provide the shopkeeper with the tools to more quickly and effectively interpret the changes occurring in the business.

On Monday 14, some of our consultants will hold in-depth classes that will focus on: KPI to define shop trends, cross selling and purchase scheduling based on receipts and in-store technology.

These will be dynamic workshops structured by a front-end speech and one dedicated to questions and further information requests.

It is an essential appointment to test the skills previously acquired and assimilate new ones, keeping updated on trends and innovations. A fun way to improve and optimize your store.

We will be there, what about you?

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